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NoMix – Cross-over Prevention System

Sening NoMix - Cross-over Prevention System

When loading a tank truck or discharging fuel at the service station, the driver has the responsibility to make the correct hose connections. As simple as this everyday routine may be, mistakes still occur. Filling tank trucks or service station storage tanks with the wrong fuel can cost distributors large amounts of money in: 

  • Downtime of tank trucks and/or service stations
  • Tank cleaning
  • Treatment and/or disposal of the mixed product back at the refinery
  • Tarnished brand image for the supply and oil companies
  • Damage to vehicles
The Sening® NoMix cross-over prevention system prohibits products from being loaded or dispensed in the wrong compartments. Simultaneously, NoMix provides maintenance of all quality and safety requirements for loading and unloading petroleum products.


  • Prevents cross-over during loading and unloading
  • Discharges with multiple hoses
  • Cuts downtime at the service station
  • Safely recovers vapors during filling and discharge
  • “Shadows” actual work activities
  • Can be used as an Sealed Partial Delivery (SPD) system by connecting additional components
  • Eliminates driver error
  • Saves time at the terminal and the service station
  • Connects to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Data communication