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MultiSeal – Sealed Parcel Delivery System

Sening MultiSeal

The Sealed Parcel Delivery System (SPD) is a global system that monitors the contents of petroleum oil tank trucks that are loaded using calibrated measurement systems.

The MultiSeal process begins when a compartment is sealed after loading a tank truck. The seal remains unbroken until delivery is made to the customer, at which point the compartment is completely emptied.  MultiSeal ensures that the quantity originally loaded at the terminal matches exactly with that delivered to the customer.

The unbroken seal and the status-report-generated loading data (e.g. the load receipt or terminal bill of loading (B.O.L.)) confirm proof of the quantity delivered.


  • Reduces product loss
  • Increases vehicle performance
  • Communicates with Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems (optional)
  • Complements and expands the Sening® NoMix cross-over prevention system
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