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Data Communication

Sening Data Communication

Sening® offers with its electronics, MultiFlow, MultiSeal, NoMix and MultiLevel a variety of alternatives to collect and distribute data about the loading and unloading processes and transfers this data to office software or ERP systems.

MultiFlow ChipPlus Package

When using the ChipPlus pack with the Sening MultiFlow, delivery data can be transferred to office software through a conventional memory card. Commercially available hardware and software can be used with a desktop personal computer or laptop to read and write on the memory card.

The Sening MultiFlow ChipPlus pack generates reports in Microsoft Excel and is supported by a wide range of inventory, auditing and accounting commercial software applications, all of which are easily accessible to the operator.


EMIS 2 is a communication interface for the Sening electronics (MultiFlow, MultiSeal, NoMix and MultiLevel). Using the internal CAN-bus system for information, EMIS 2 is transferring the data via RS232 interface to an on-board computer (OBC). The data transfer between OBC and home office can be established by various data carriers.


EMIS 3 is an enhanced version of EMIS 2. Instead of transferring the data to an OBC the transfer is done by GSM/GPRS to a FTP server. Beside this data transfer, EMIS 3 provides the capability to trace and track the tank truck utilizing GPS data. These EMIS 3 features allow numerous possibilities for disposition, monitoring and integration to ERP sytems.