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Additive Injection Pump

Sening Additive Injection Pumps

The Sening® additive injection pump is a pneumatically actuated piston type metering pump which facilitates the accurate and reliable on-truck continuous injection of additives to heating fuel.


  • Selling additives provides extra sales to the retailer
  • Additives improve fuel quality, thus reducing service calls for heating systems
  • Additive improve heating fuel image by reducing environmental impacts
  • Fuel oil odour improvement (parfum)
  • Ratio blending increases total additive throughput
  • Purchasing additive in bulk volumes reduces cost
  • Eliminates waste disposal cost for small one-way containers
  • Manual additivation is vulnerable to human errors
  • Reduces excessive chemical handling
  • Maintains the vehicles flexibility by loading one product only
  • Available for control by flow computer or pulse transmitter mounted to mechanical counter 
  • Compact design which enables variable installation positions
  • Integrated sensors constantly monitor the pump functions
  • Provides variable injection ratios between 1:500 and 1:4000
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