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Data Communication

Sening® offers with its electronics, MultiFlow, MultiSealNoMix, and MultiLevel a variety of alternatives to collect and distribute data about the loading and unloading processes and transfers this data to office software or ERP systems.



EMIS 2 is a communication interface for the Sening electronics (MultiFlow, MultiSeal, NoMix and MultiLevel). Using the internal CAN-bus system for information, EMIS 2 is transferring the data via RS232 interface to an on-board computer (OBC). The data transfer between OBC and home office can be established by various data carriers.

Sening MultiFlow and EMIS 2 - Data connection with the office


EMIS 4 is an enhanced version of EMIS 2. Instead of transferring the data to an OBC the transfer is done by GSM/GPRS to a FTP server. Beside this data transfer, EMIS 4 provides the capability to trace and track the tank truck utilizing GPS data. These EMIS 4 features allow numerous possibilities for disposition, monitoring and integration to ERP systems.

Sening MultiFlow and EMIS 3 - Data connection and monitoring