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Positive Displacement Meter Accessories

Positive Displacement Meter Stack Accessories

FMC Technologies offers a variety of accessories to be used with our Smith Meter® Positive Displacement Meters. From counters and printers to transmitters and temperature compensators, FMC Technologies has complete solutions for your needs.

Counters, Printers and Preset Counters

  • Large Numeral Counters (LNC)- Large easy-to-read counters include the five-digit 600 Series or the six-digit 900 Series. Both include fine gradations on the right hand wheel for an additional digit of resolution. Standard on all models is an eight-digit, non-reset totalizer. Accumulative or Zero start ticket printers are also available.
  • Horizontal Non-Reset Counters- the Model 200A Series Counters have eight non-resettable numeral wheels plus a fine graduated disk for an additional digit of resolution.
  • Preset Counters- the Smith Meter Model 300C Series Preset Counters feature four or five digit, two stage, present counters that are designed for mounting directly beneath a Model 500 Series  Counter on all Smith Meter Positive Displacement Meters.


  • Model E Transmitter- Heavy duty, mercury-wetted, switch-type transmitter that produces pulses in proportion to meter throughput.
  • Model LNC Transmitter- Adapts to a 600 Series LNC to provide a contact closure for signaling remote instrumentation. Also available in a high resolution model.
  • Model PE-P Transmitter- A photoelectric rotary transmitter that attaches to a right-angle drive installed in the meter stack and provides a digital pulse signal for proving and/or remote totalizing.
  • Model UPT (Universal Pulse Transmitter)- Utilizing an infrared, quad channel, high resolution pulse generator driven by the output shaft of a positive displacement meter. It provides high integrity pulse transmission and verification of signal and power for custody transfer measurement applications.
  • Model GPST Transmitter- This is a dual channel, heavy duty, photoelectric, hermetically seal pulse generator developed specifically for the European market.

Temperature Compensators

  • ATC and ATG Temperature Compensators- provide net volume or weight registration base on continuous integration of gross metered volume and temperature regardless of flow rate and temperature fluctuations by utilizing the coefficient of expansion of the particular liquid being metered.



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