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Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultra Series Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The Smith Meter® Ultra Series™ Liquid Ultrasonic Meter is the culmination of FMC Technologies' long history of measurement expertise technology. The Ultra Series utilizes transit time technology to provide highly accurate measurement in the same tradition as the Smith Meter Positive Displacement and Turbine Meters. The non-intrusive design has no moving parts to provide a low maintenance measurement solution and offers a wide dynamic flow range, wide viscosity application range with low differential pressure.

Backed by FMC Technologies' world-class customer service, the Ultra Series is the cutting edge solution for custody and non-custody transfer measurement applications.

With more than 300,000 custody transfer meters installed worldwide, the measurement experts at FMC Technologies offer advice you can rely on to help you determine if this latest advancement in technology is the best solution for your application.

Ultrasonic Benefits


  • Low Pressure Drop - Drop is the same as an equal length of straight pipe
  • Low Maintenance - No moving parts that need replacement due to wear; especially beneficial in severe operating environments
  • Ideal for Problematic Applications - Non-intrusive parts help avoid product buildup on equipment 
  • Operational Flexibility - Bi-directional flow reduces time required to redirect product flow

 Ultrasonic Flowmeters

 Ultrasonic Features

  • Field-Proven Electronics - The same electronic processor and rugged packing as the FMC Technologies MPU Series gas ultrasonic meters which have been proven in the world's harshest field environments.
  • In-line Transducer Replacement - Designed so there is no need for special tooling or process shutdown to replace a transducer
  • Real Time Diagnostics - WinScreen Software provides real-time logs, trends, signal performance and parameter reports for operation, diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Reciprocity - Exclusive transducer and electronic design that virtually eliminates zero flow offset and drift to provide long-term measurement stability independent of pressure, temperature, and transducer aging

Remote Support from Factory Experts:

  • Direct access via an internet connection
  • Indirect access via web meeting or saved diagnostics files

The Smith Meter Ultra Series liquid ultrasonic meter utilizes WinScreen configuration and diagnostic software.

WinScreen is a visual interface to the Ultra Series electronics that is utilized during meter setup, operation and diagnostics. Because all of the meter's parameters are resident within its electronics package, WinScreen is used for setup at the factory, during flow calibration, and during installation and commissioning at customer locations. When installed in the field, its flexible interface allows remote operator access for safe and efficient meter diagnostics and reporting.

WinScreen's self-diagnostic capabilities produce logs containing historical events, operator changes and alarm conditions for tracking and follow-up purposes. It also generates database reports displaying all data parameters including software check sums that can be sued to make quick checks on setup and operation, ensuring superior and consistent meter accuracy and performance.

Flow Profile Parameters

  • Profile Flatness - Axial flow velocity of outer paths compared to the center paths. Reynolds number dependant. Deviation at similar conditions <1.0%
  • Profile Symmetry - Velocity of top paths compared to the bottom paths. Reynolds number dependant. Deviation at similar conditions <2.0%
  • Swirl Flow - Amount of transversal flow that is rotating in the pipe. Reynolds number dependant. Deviation at similar conditions <2.0%
  • Cross Flow - Amount of transversal flow that has two rotating vortexes. Reynolds number dependant. Deviation at similar conditions <2.0%
  • Turbulence - Describes the stability of the flow measurements of each path. Flow velocity dependant. Deviation at similar  conditions <1.0%

Note: Swirl and Cross Flow are only available with the Ultra6 Meter.

Signal Parameters

  • Velocity of Sound (VOS) - Measured on each path to ensure correct measurement of ultrasonic pulses. Density dependant. Deviation <1.5m/s
  • Gain - Indicates signal strength. Influenced by density, viscosity and impurities. Deviation <200
  • Signal % - Designates the signal quality. Should be >50%. Drop in performance on similar conditions should be examined.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) - Measures the signal strength and noise. Should be >20dB. Drop in performance on similar conditions should be examined.