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Viscosity Sensing Unit

Viscosity Sensing Unit

The Viscosity Sensing Unit (VSU) from FMC Technologies uses a combination of skid-based components and software design to provide reliable viscosity data to the Smith Meter® MV Series Helical Turbine Meters and a meter-mounted UPCC transmitter, extending the viscosity measurement range to over 1,000 cST. Accurate real-time viscosity data allows the electronics to perform better linearization of the meter across varying products.


  • Accurate Measurement of Viscosity
  • Wide Viscosity Range
  • Special Flow-Through Chamber
  • Positive Displacement Pump with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Inlet and Outlet Block Valves
  • Turnkey Viscosity Solution for Multi-product Lines

System Overview

The VSU System consists of an FMC Technologies skid built with a high performance viscosity sensor along with a remotely mounted signal convertor. An end-user supplied computer is installed with the VSU Interface Software to interface the VSU system with the UPCCs and MVTMs in the field.