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Universal Performance Curve Compensator

Smith Meter Universal Performance Curve Compensator

The Smith Meter® UPCC Universal Performance Curve Compensator is a microprocessor-based turbine meter preamplifier that is designed to operate with the Smith link of multi-viscosity turbine meters. It is used to compensate for the viscosity of the product by either directly interfacing to a SolarTron Viscometer Head, by temperature inferred viscosity correction or current proportional to viscosity. It can also be used to convert the low voltage sinusoidal signal into a square wave pulse form that can be used to increase the transmission distance of the output.

The UPCC also functions as a flow computer that provides spontaneous and average flow rates, batch and cumulative totalization, burtine meter frequency measurement. The pulse output can be raw, uncompensated or a high resolution output and quadrature.