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Smith Meter

Fast, Accurate, Precise Load Rack Blending

In today's petroleum product market, one day you're fully equipped to handle straight product load rack deliveries and the next, your scrambling to adapt to a new regulation requiring biofuel blending that takes effect immediately. Whether those regulations are federal, state, or local, you've got to meet them or face the consequences. The makes it easy.

The new Smith Meter®, only from FMC Technologies, is a versatile microprocessor based blending control unit. It's designed specifically to meet continuous in-line load rack blending requirement, at a load arm, that cannot be handled by a blending preset such as AccuLoad III. The is the fast, simple, hassle-free way to deal with the changing dynamics of biofuels and biodiesel.

The delivers precise blending ratios by monitoring the flow rate and volume of the wild stream product and by controlling the delivery and flow rate of the blend-stream product. A key feature of is that it controls exact blends from as low as 0.01 percent to as high as 99.99 percent, using up to 12 separate recipes.


  • Programmable blend ratio percentages that are adjustable "on the fly"
  • Selectable upstream or downstream blend point configuration
  • EPA equations for ethanol and biodiesel temperature compensation
  • Factored blend stream product pulse output
  • Even logging and transaction archiving
  • Clean line control
  • Ethernet communication interface using TCP protocol
  • Alarm outputs

For meeting new fuel regulations that are implemented with quick-deadlines, is an ideal solution.