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The Smith Meter®™ liquid microprocessor-based instrument is designed to monitor and control single products in straight loading application. The unit can operate either as a stand-alone instrument or be part of a system where it communicates with an automation or SCADA system.


  • Pipeline
  • Marine terminals

Efficient System Monitoring and Easy Process Management

  • Continuously monitors system-critical functions
  • Automatically corrects temperature per the API and ISO tables and the expansion coefficients for chemicals 

Flexible and Configurable Programming and Reporting

  • Ethernet and network compatible
  • Multi-drop communications ports for maximum system expansion
  • Smith Meter or Modbus Protocols for bi-directional communications
  • Boolean and Algebraic programmable software for easy customization
  • Customizable report formats to fit the needs of the application
  • Options for multiple languages, customized messages and text communication
  • Customizable formats for inputs and outputs
  • Interfaces with Coriolis meters
  • Logs events and produces an audit trail

Built for Safety and Reliability

  • Multi-level security access
  • Explosion-proof housing
  • OIML-approved display offers prolonged visibility during unplanned power outages