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AccuLoad Upgrades

AccuLoad I to III Upgrade
The AccuLoad Upgrade gives AccuLoad II and III users the latest technology with minimal installation costs. Both upgrade kits provide users of AccuLoad II to or III opportunity to protect their operation and take advantage of leading edge features of AccuLoad III without having to change their existing terminal automation or conduit system.

AccuLoad II to III Upgrade

Maintains the one or two loading arm configuration being used in the AccuLoad II while providing additional meter inputs for blending applications. The upgrade uses existing cover, housing and keypad, while replacing existing boards and software.

AccuLoad III to IV Upgrade

This upgrade kit allows customers who have purchased an AccuLoad III to upgrade their entire unit technology with minimal down time and reduced installation and automation costs. The upgrade kit maintains the loading arm configuration being used in the AccuLoad III. The upgrade uses the AccuLoad III rear housing while replacing the existing front cover and internal circuit boards with the new versions. The upgrade kit utilizes the existing AccuLoad III wiring connectors – just unplug, remove the old boards, install the new boards and plug them in!

Note: There is no AccuLoad II to IV upgrade available.