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AccuLoad Preset Controller

Smith Meter AccuLoad

The AccuLoad provides total product management at the loading rack including safety monitoring and compensation or control functions for temperature, flow, pressure, additive injection and blending. Backed my FMC Technologies’ world-class customer support, the AccuLoad is the next generation of preset electronics for loading and unloading of blended or straight products during custody transfer applications.


  • Four serial communication ports plus one Ethernet port
  • Ethernet: 10/100 base RJ-45: 8 or 10 UTP unshielded twisted pair connector
  • Continuous monitoring of critical functions
  • Real-time data capture from local and remote locations
  • Local and remote online diagnostics
  • Network compatible
  • Email/text message alerts and support for diagnostics and alarms
  • New flash memory
  • Software upgrades performed through internet communications
  • Smith Meter®  AccuLoad® III to AccuLoad upgrades are available and easily installed


  • Batch loading of alcohols, gasolines, antifreeze, lube oils, fuel oils, solvents, fertilizers, LPG, LNG and chemicals.
  • System is ideal for truck, barge or railcar loading, bulk plants, shipping docks, processing installations and tank farms.
  • Handles straight and blended product loading.