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AccuLoad III Preset Controller

When operators select preset solutions for marketing terminals, the overwhelming choice is the Smith Meter® AccuLoad® III family of products. With the latest configurations, including the Split Architecture System and the AccuLoad II-to-III Upgrade package, terminal operators have even more options for maximum load control and flexibility.

  • Preset loading, unloading and batching for trucks, railcars and ships
  • Blending capabilities, management of grounding and overfill and additive control

Smith Meter AccuLoad III

The AccuLoad III product line provides the power and flexibility required for today's highly efficient and regulated terminals. By offering a wide variety of loading arm configurations - mixing blend arms with straight product - AccuLoad III maximizes efficiency and product throughput like never before.

AccuLoad III offers a variety of product blending configurations. Up to six products can be blended via either sequential or ratio methods. Enhanced additive controls include piston, standard metered or smart, as well as higher-volume additive with flow control.