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These devices are capable of measuring mass flow rate, volume flow rate, fluid density and temperature.

Promass 80  (Promass F) Coriolis 80F Transmitter

Unlike low-cost Coriolis meters on the market, Promass 80 does not sacrifice performance to achieve its attractive price.

  • Push-button operation for easy programming
  • Two-line backlit display so measurement variables can be freely assigned on the display
  • Set up is guided with simple prompts on display
  • Self-diagnostic function with clear text messages on display to help with troubleshooting 

Promass 83 (Promass E, F & O) Coriolis 83F Transmitter

The Promass 83 allows for simultaneous recording of several process variables (mass/density/temperature) for various process conditions during the measurement operation.

  • Quick setup for fast and easy commissioning
  • Touch control operation allows programming without opening electronics
  • Advanced diagnostics, batching, and concentration measurement

Promass 84 (Promass F) Coriolis 84F Transmitter

In situations where custody transfer approvals are mandatory, the Promass 84 is the ultimate solution. If mass or volume flow of liquids or compressed gases is involved, then Promass 84 with Coriolis technology is ideal.

  • NTEP approved to NIST Handbook 44, Section 3.37 for liquid and gases
  • Phase-shifted dual pulse outputs
  • Digital information available, even when sealed for custody transfer