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Coriolis Meters

FMC Technologies’ Coriolis Mass Flow Meters bring advanced Coriolis sensor technology and digital signal processing to liquid measurement. FMC Technologies’ Coriolis product line sets the standard for Coriolis mass flow meters.

Unique design geometry and rugged construction results in exceptional flow sensitivity and performance. High speed sampling and incomparable zero stability ensures ultimate measurement consistency and performance for a wide variety of products and markets. FMC Technologies Coriolis Meters are the first choice for high accuracy and custody transfer superiority.

From the accuracy, stability, and breakthrough design of the F Senor, the E Sensor’s immunity from external piping forces, or the O Sensor’s high pressure tolerance to the variety of functions and features from the 80, 83, or 84 transmitters, FMC Technologies is the first choice for Coriolis metering technologies.



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