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Turbine Meter Accessories

Turbine Meter Accessories
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FMC Technologies offers a variety of accessories to be used with the Smith Meter®turbine meters. From flow conditioners to preamplifiers and performance curve compensators, FMC Technologies offers complete solutions for your needs.

  • Flow Conditioners- Optimizes turbine meter performance by reducing fluid swirl and velocity profile distortion. Also offered in a High Performance Assembly that includes a flow conditioning element and flanged pipe spool.
  • PA-6 Preamplifier- Designed to convert low voltage sinusoidal signals to a square wave pulse form that can be used to increase the transmission distance of the pulse, or convert the pulse form for instruments that require a high-speed, edge triggered input.
  • AccuLERT ID 2000 Smart Pre-Amp- Among its many functions, it performs real-time diagnostics of the turbine meter’s performance by monitoring the revolution consistency of the rotor.




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