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Level Controls

INVALCO produces level controls ranging from simple point-type to continuous electronic level transmitters for industrial and sanitary applications.


CT Flex Tube Level Control

The CT (control throttling) Level Control has been an industry standard for over five decades. Its simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance and rugged construction have made it popular where downtime for repairs could be critical to processes or where minimum maintenance is desirable.

The weatherproof pilot enclosure has been developed to completely protect the control from the elements and even hose cleaning operations.



CMAQ/CMAF Level Controls

The CMAQ and CMAF are snap-action, float operated level controls. They are equipped with the popular three-way Micro Valve unit actuated by two adjustable yoke type pusher arms. Adjustable pusher arms permit the control range to be adjusted easily and accurately to the range desired.   


Model CADM-201 and CADMEX-201

These diaphragm operated liquid level controls are available with either a pneumatic or electrical control switch. The Model CADMEX-201 is supplied with an explosion proof SPDT Micro Switch. The switch is UL and CSA approved. The Model CADM-201 is supplied with the popular snap action, three-way Micro Valve. Ideally suited for for diaphragm motor valve control. 


Model CQ-401 Float Type, Continuous Drain

The Model CQ-401 offers dual purpose action to automatically discharge vapor or liquid from a tank. The continuous drain valve is widely used in the bottom of fuel gas scrubbers to provide continuous drainage of the accumulated liquids and thus prevent transfer of the liquid to the burner section. 



IMS 780 "RF" Capacitance Interface Measurement

This measurement system is a capacitance type device offering precise control of liquid interface. A non-fouling probe for continuous, reliable use is standard. 



9450 Leveltronic Conductance Level Switch

The 9450 Leveltronic is a conductance level switch for detecting the level of conductive materials. When this material comes in contact with the electrode, the electrode is shorted and establishes a current path to ground. The unit responds to the short by actuating a relay. 



Model CMAS-203/CMEASX-203 Level Control

The Model CMAS-203 utilitzes a stainless steel ball-type float and a three-way snap-action Micro Valve to provide a positive pneumatic output for control of liquid level. 



These level controls provide electrical contact switch closure for alarm or control functions.  An explosion proof Micro Switch is actuated by two adjustable yoke type pusher arms, permitting the control range to be easily and accurately adjusted.