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Controls and Miscellaneous

Experience, service and performance are what you can expect from INVALCO — the company that has a proven record for quality and dependability.

Model CTS-5025 and Model CTS-5025B Temperature Controller

The Model CTS-5025 provides pneumatic temperature control in a wide control range. It can be set to control at temperatures from 0 F to 750 F.

The Model CTS-5025B is the latest version of the thermal expansion-type temperature controls. It is provided with two adjustments: Temperature setpoint control and proportionality control.



Model CM7 Pilot Guard

The CM7 Pilot Guard is designed to provide positive shut off of the gas supply to both the pilot and main burner in the event of a flameout. It can be used at locations without electrical power since it requires no external power source. 


Vent Line Flash Arrestor

The INVALCO Vent Line Flash Arrestor is available for use on tank or similar low pressure, vertical vent lines to reduce chances for combustion within the line from an external source. All steel construction except 4" thick aluminum element. 


Model 80 Gas Scrubber Valve

The INVALCO Model 80 is used in fuel gas scrubbers and air eliminators. It installs through 2" pipe coupling or can be wholly contained by mounting 1" nipple welded through cover.