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430 Flanged Dump/Control Valve

The INVALCO Series 430 is ideal for moderate pressure and temperature applications that require a flanged valve. This includes low pressure separators, treaters, free water knockouts etc.


  • Three Trim Designs - Meets all application problems
  • Various Trim Sites - Can handle a variety of flow conditions
  • Replaceable Seat - Reduced repair cost
  • Stainless Steel Trim - Longer life/reduced cost


Body Material  Cast Iron A-126   Maximum Working Pressure  

175 psi @ -20 F to 150 F (-29 C to 66 C)
150 psi @ 250 F (121 C) 

End Connections  2" - 125 lb Flat Face Flanges   Temperature Limits  -20 F to 250 F (-29 C to 121 C)
Body Cover  Cast Iron A-126  Stem Material  303 Stainless Steel  
Diaphragm Operator   Steel, 65 sq. in.
Nylon Reinforced Buna N Diaphragm
Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure 70 psi
Maximum Containment Pressure 100 psi  
Seat Material 303 Stainless Steel 
Packing  Non-Lubricated Buna N     

Please click on the following table for a larger view of ordering information.

General Notes:

1. Standard topworks is direct action (normally closed) with 65 sq. in. effective area

2. Cv and Cg values are for fully open inner valve

3. Part numbers applicable only when valve desired is exactly as described above

4. To order specify model number, part number, and trim description

5. See attached pdf on the side of this page for parts list