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424 Non-Freeze Dump/Control Valve

The Series 424 Valve is perfect for use as a liquid dump valve on high pressure separators. The trim and seat are total immersed in the fluid to prevent freeze-ups. The Series 424 Valve can be used in any other pressure vessel where freeze-ups could be a problem.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Freeze Construction - Prevents freeze-up at the plug and seat
  • Hammer Union Construction - Reduced downtime for repair
  • Replaceable Trim - Reduces cost


Standard Specifications:

Body Material 

Low Carbon Steel

Maximum Working Pressure  3000 psi   
End Connections  Vessel 2” MNPT
Inlet Tube 1” FNPT
Outlet 1” FNPT 
Temperature Limits 

-20 F to 250 F (-28 C to 121 C)

Body Cover Steel Union

Stem Material

303 Stainless Steel  
Diaphragm Operator 

Steel, 65 sq. in. Nylon Reinforced Buna N Diaphragm
Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure 70 psi
Maximum Containment Pressure 100 psi

Plug and Seat   See Schedule Below
Packing  Non-Lubricated Buna N     


Trim Characteristics

 Please click on the following table for a larger view of ordering information.

General Notes:

1. Standard topworks is direct action normally closed

2. Cv values are for fully open inner valve

3. Part numbers applicable only when valve desired is exactly as described above

4. To order specify model number, part number, and trim description

5. See attached pdf below for parts list