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Gas Measurement Systems

Gas Measurement Systems

In this energy-driven world with ever-increasing natural gas prices, it is of critical importance to know, to a very high degree of accuracy, not only the quantity of gas bought or sold, but also the quality, as it is the gas composition which dictates the energy content of the gas.

Very large quantities of natural gas move through pipelines every day – a very small error in measurement can result in a very significant loss of revenue by the selling company or the buyer, according to the direction in which the error occurs. FMC Technologies' gas systems and products are designed to decrease the uncertainty of the measurement error and provide reliable, traceable data for operational efficiency and custody transfer.

From initial design through testing and commissioning, FMC Technologies brings single-source responsibility to every system it builds by integrating the leading technologies for maximum results, including:

  • Ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Vertical van separators
  • Horizontal and vertical filter-separators
  • Heaters
  • Control and data acquisition systems
  • Complete instrumentation packages

Energy Measurement

FMC Technologies understands that energy measurement is of key importance in large-scale transaction points, such as border stations, gas refinery outlets and gas grid inlet points.

It is possible for a traditional gas metering system to measure energy directly by the incorporation of an online gas chromatograph at the point of metering. However, coupled with the volumetric flow results generated from the meter, the system can calculate energy flow online, rather than offline at a laboratory, to substantially increase the accuracy of related financial transactions.

Pressure Regulation

With the experience gained from designing and manufacturing measurement systems since 1926, FMC Technologies possesses extensive knowledge of pressure regulating systems. Whether an application merits a stand-alone or an integrated system, FMC Technologies' pressure regulation systems provide the optimum solution for any measurement objective.

For every pressure regulation system there are numerous options available with varying degrees of complexity. FMC Technologies' highly-skilled engineers consider the following factors when developing a pressure regulation system, including:

  • Upstream pressure
  • Extent of required pressure reduction
  • Noise level specifications
  • Turndown requirements
  • Sensitivity of downstream equipment to pressure variations
  • Degree of redundancy required for uninterrupted operation

Backed by unparalleled engineering expertise, exceptional technical support services and the industry's most reliable system components, pressure regulation systems by FMC Technologies meet any application requirement.

Filtration and Conditioning  

Metered fuel gas is normally maintained at a steady operating temperature and at a safe margin above dew point. Fuel reaching the gas turbine ignition box must be properly conditioned to meet the required firing temperature, pressure and cleanliness standards. Severe damage may be caused to the turbine if the gas is not ultra clean and dry. 

FMC Technologies' gas filtration and conditioning systems provide clean, dry metered gas at the required pressure and temperature from an untreated, unregulated gas source. FMC Technologies has extensive experience in the design and application of custom and integrated gas filtration and conditioning systems, including those for onshore and offshore production and power generation facilities.


  • Fiscal metering
  • Superheating
  • Filtration
  • Coalescing