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MPU Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

MPU Gas Ultrasonic Meter

The FMC Technologies MPU series of Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters advance ultrasonic metering technology to its highest form. The MPU 1200 six-path, MPU 800 four-path and three-path MPU 600 meters are designed to handle the requirements as stand-alone meters or can be incorporated into complete metering stations. A single path meter, the MPU 200, is available for applications with lower accuracy requirements to fill out the full complement of ultrasonic product offering.

The new FMC Technologies MPUs offer numerous advantages over existing technologies


The FMC Technologies MPU series provides up to 60 percent cost, space and weight savings compared to conventional gas metering devices.

New programming for the MPUs provide superior ultrasonic digital signal processing and produces accurate and reliable data despite noise levels 20 times higher than can be read and measurement by similar equipment.

The new non-intrusive, flush-mounted sensor design eliminates pressure loss across the meter which reduces requirements for additional pumping pressure and results in lower energy gas transportation costs.

The FMC Technologies MPU's fully titanium encapsulated 150,000 hour MTBF transducers can be replaced on site without loss of reading under normal operating conditions.

For more information on the FMC Technologies MPU series Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters, please visit our document library below.

MPU WinScreen Configuration and Diagnostic Software 


WinScreen is a visual interface to the MPU's electronics that is utilized during meter setup, operation and diagnostics. Because all the meter's parameters are resident within its electronics package, WinScreen is used for setup at the factory, during flow calibration, and during installation and commissioning at customer locations. When installed in the field, its flexible interface allows remote operator access for safe and efficient meter diagnostics and reporting.

WinScreen's self-diagnostic capabilities produce historical, even, operator change and error alarm logs for tracking and follow-up purposes. It also generates database reports displaying all data parameters including software check sums that can be used to make quick checks on setup and operation, ensuring superior operation.