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Gas Measurement

Gas Measurement

From the supply of individual meters and accessories to the supply of complex, automated and fully integrated measurement and product analysis systems, FMC Technologies offers technically superior gas measurement products.

With unequaled technical expertise and experience, FMC Technologies provides gas measurement solutions of the highest quality, accuracy and performance. Whether the application requires advanced ultrasonic metering technology or complex and customized integrated measurement systems, FMC Technologies has the right design, project management capability, support and service to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Gas

The Smith Meter®™ Gas is a microprocessor based instrument with Ethernet capability. It is designed to monitor and control single product, single flow. The unit can operate either as a stand-alone instrument or be part of a system where it communicates with an automation or SCADA system.

Applications include any size gas pipeline for single product, single meter flow. This self-contained EXP unit continuously computes, totalizes, and displays Gross, Gross at Standard Volume, Mass, and Energy. The microFlow also offers run time displays, which provide all critical flow information.

MPU Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The MPU series of Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters advances ultrasonic metering technology to its highest form. The MPU 1200 six-path, MPU 800 four-path and three-path MPU 600 meters are designed to be stand-alone meters or incorporated into complete metering stations. A single path meter, the MPU 200, is available for applications with lower accuracy requirements. The MPU series also provides cost, space and weight savings compared to conventional gas metering devices.