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Floating Production Storage and Off-Loading

Floating Production Storage and Off-Loading

With each transaction involving large volumes of product and many millions of dollars, measurement accuracy is more significant in marine loading transfers than in any other application. Precision and reliability is required for Floating Production, Storage and Off-loading (FPSO) metering systems.

FMC Technologies has the experience and products to ensure operational integrity. FMC Technologies has provided more FPSO metering systems than any other company in the world. As a result, FMC Technologies has developed unique capabilities and experiences related to measuring the large flow rates characteristic of marine loading operations. This specialized knowledge and experience is applied to each demanding measurement application to ensure successful project execution from start to finish.

FPSO metering systems from FMC Technologies incorporate the industry's most reliable system components, including:

  • Positive displacement meters
  • Turbine meters
  • Ultrasonic meters
  • Bidirectional, unidirectional and compact provers
  • Valves and pumps
  • Mixers
  • Strainers
  • Control and data acquisition systems
  • Flow computers
  • Complete instrumentation packages