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FMC Technlologies Flow Research and Test Center

FMC Technologies Flow Research and Test Center

When measurement accuracy translates directly to money saved on custody transfer applications, the importance of meter testing traceable to local and international standards becomes paramount.  The FMC Technologies Flow Research and Test Center located in Erie, Pennsylvania is NVLAP accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (NVLAP Lab Code 200939-0) and meets all OIML requirements.  The lab is capable of testing meters over the widest dynamic measurement range of any test facility in the world.

  • Can test Meters (PD, Turbine, Ultrasonic) 6 to 30 inches in diameter (150 to 750 mm) 
  • Reynolds Number range of 200 to 1,000,000  
  • Fluid viscosities available from 2 to 500 cSt (2 to 500 mm2/s) at temperatures from 60° F to 110° F (15° C to 43° C) 
  • Flowrates from 200 to 42,000 bph (30 to 6,675 m3/h)

Combined with over 70 years of experience and a commitment to superiority in technology, you can be assured that your meter will perform in any crude oil application. To learn more about how dynamic testing can validate your measurement accuracy, click Flow Research and Test Center.