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Smith Meter Legacy Accessories

Legacy Truck Meter Accessories

FMC Technologies offers a wide array of accessories to be used with our Smith Meter® Legacy Series Truck Packages. From air eliminators to valves and counters to printers, FMC Technologies offers complete solutions for your needs.

Large Numeral Counter with Ticket Printer (LNC/TP)

A counter provides a method of registering the volume delivered. The large numeral display can be cleared (reset) while the smaller display totalizer (non-reset) permanently records the total amount that has gone through that meter. A selection of unit designations are available (e.g., gallons, liters, etc.)

With the addition of a ticket printer to the counter, the accurately measured volume can be recorded on a ticket and presented to the customer.  The tamper-proof system seals the ticket into the printer while delivery is being made, also sealing out dirt and weather.