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Smith Meter Evolution Electronic Accessories

FMC Technologies offers a wide array of accessories to be used with our Smith Meter® Evolution™ Series Truck Packages. From air eliminators to valves and printers to the Evolution register, FMC Technologies offers complete solutions for your needs.

FMC Technologies Smith Meter Evolution Series valves are typically used in conjunction with the Smith Meter Evolution Register.  Some market applications include heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel, lube oil, and LPG.


  • Versatile Design - One valve designed for most applications.  Large Flow range allows for wide range of applications.
  • Low Flow Start Up and Shut Down - Able to ease the strain on other components by seamlessly transitioning from low flow to high flow or vice versa.
  • Adaptable Design - Compact design affords mounting flexibility.  Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Low Pressure Drop - Minimizes strain on pumps resulting in increased efficiency and throughput.

 Materials of Construction

Housing and Cover Aluminum 
Internals Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Ni-Resist, Ductile Iron
Cover Seal Low Swell Buna
Solenoid Valves  Stainless Steel 
Solenoid Valve Seal Viton-F 
Tubing and Fittings Stainless Steel
Wetted Fasteners  Stainless and Carbon Steel 
Evolution Series Valve