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Standard Loading Systems Modules

Loading System Skid

FMC Technologies loading system modules are based on the experience and quality of the Smith Meter® brand.

Smith Meter is the only supplier worldwide who can provide all the required state-of-the-art technology components from its own product line. The basic system module includes the entire measuring section from the supply line inlet connection to the air purger systems required by Weights & Measures regulations and ends at the control valve exit or, optionally, at the top or bottom loading arm coupling.

These systems are designed for the European Market that require regulations such as the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED), the Directive 94/9/EC for Equipment and Protective Systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), national Weights & Measures directives and especially the new European Measurement Instrumentation Directive 2004/22/EG (MID) now statutory in the European Community.

  • Skid mounted modular design with minimal footprint
  • Support of up to 6 loading arms per module array
  • Typical operating ranges from 250 L/min to 2,500 L/min
  • Designed for bottom, top and side arm loading applications
  • Advanced support for additional blending streams
  • Cost savings through factory assembly and easy to install standardized modular design
  • Options for individual configurations
  • Full factory flow and functionality testing providing fault-free start up
  • Comes with all approvals and certificates
  • ISO certified production