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Blending Skid Modules

Blending System Skid

The introduction of biofuels into the mainstream fuels market business has generated the need for a significant investment in the appropriate technology and processes to ensure that the product reaching the end consumer is of the right quality and can be produced repeatedly without the need for additional quality controls.

FMC Technologies blending system modules are based on the experience and quality of the Smith Meter brand. These modules, designed for the European Market, have been designed to fulfill internal and logistical requirements and to comply with all Weights & Measures requirements.

Side Stream Blending is an alternative term for the Ratio Blending, but where the blend stream is mixed with the main fuel stream upstream of the main fuel meter. The blend meter is managed by the main stream electronic controller device. To ensure blend accuracy, this blending method provides that the accuracy requirements are equivalent to the premium level of the custody transfer metering. The main advantage for Side Stream Blending is that typically the side stream is legally not considered as custody transfer. A typical application is Biodiesel blending.