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Catenary Idlers

Canary Idlers

Link-Belt® Series 40,000 and 70,000 Catenary Belt Idlers combine the proven capabilities of the Link-Belt roll design with the benefits of a catenary suspension to form a smooth, natural trough and ideal load conveying surface. Designed to withstand heavy impact at loading and transfer points for wide belt widths, Link-Belt Catenary Idlers feature rugged roll construction, exclusive labyrinth seal design and high-capacity “sealed for life” tapered roller bearings. Especially suited to loading areas or transfer points in reclaiming installations where high impact loads must be absorbed, Link-Belt Catenary Idlers are designed to adjust to varying load conditions. Link-Belt Series 40,000 Catenary Idlers feature an exclusive outboard seal that protects the bearings in three ways - a triple lip nitrile rubber primary seal, a triple labyrinth seal, and grease-filled clearances. This seal design makes Link-Belt Catenary Idlers impervious to moisture and contaminants, extending idler life. When load carrying requirements exceed standard limitations, Link-Belt Series 70,000 Catenary Idlers provide more than double the capacity of Series 40,000 rolls. The complete line of Link-Belt Catenary Idlers includes 35 degree three-roll troughing idlers, 55 degree five-roll impact idlers, and 10 degree and 15 degree two-roll V-return idlers. V-return idlers are supplied with steel rolls. Link-Belt idler rolls feature a baked on polymeric powder coated finish (corvel gray) to provide superior corrosion protection. Catenary Connecting Devices Link-Belt Catenary Connecting Devices are available to accommodate most support structure designs. Heavy duty chain links on each end of the Catenary Idler Suspension Assembly compensate for variable distances between support structures.

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