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Belt Structure Overview

Belt Conveyor Structure

Rigid Conveyors for High-tonnage Operations

Larger volumes of tonnage being produced by improved mining techniques created a need for heavier conveyor construction to handle these loads, while maintaining flexibility and short move-up times. Link-Belt® rigid channel construction fulfills these requirements. Rigid stringer construction can be furnished using three-inch, four-inch or five-inch channels as required. Both floor mounting and roof mounting are available.

Catenary Conveyors with POSILOK™ Convenience

Catenary Mine-Duty Rigid Conveyors have become the accepted standard for longwall conveyors. The high tonnage and frequent moves associated with longwall mining demand rugged conveyor construction and minimum move time. Link-Belt idler rolls and exclusive patented POSILOK support system meet the challenge. The Posilok design features modular assembly and disassembly with no tools required. Round tubing is used for the side frames and the support stands. Belt widths from 36” to 72” are available. Heavy-duty telescopic floor stands permit variable height adjustment to conform to the terrain. Roof mounting is also available.

Wire Rope Conveyors for Low Cost Flexibility

Wire rope conveyors are used where flexibility and low initial cost are paramount. Link-Belt wire rope conveyor structure is available for belt widths from 36” to 60” wide. Troughed idlers are available in conventional offset roll (box frame) or FMC’s truss frame design. Heavy-duty telescopic floor stands permit variable height adjustment to conform to the terrain.

* Bolted structure available - call the factory for assistance.

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