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Offshore Loading Systems

FMC Technologies is the industry leader in technical developments for crude oil, LPG and LNG loading, providing innovative systems for the next generation of loading and receiving terminals.

FMC Offshore Loading Systems operates LNG terminals in more exposed locations with no breakwater and in other severe operating conditions.

In recent years, the popularity of offshore transfer systems increased due to economic and technical factors. In offshore locations, ships are subject to continuous motion from tides, currents or winds and moorings may be difficult and supervision restricted. FMC Loading Systems offers leading-edge technology and extensive experience in marine loading arms that are customized for locations and customer requirements.

Several projects involving the offshore liquefaction of natural gas are now being considered for such diverse locations as Asia Pacific, West Africa and the North Sea. There are several types of terminals that require offshore systems to load LNG carriers in sea states with significant wave heights of 2.0M up to 5.5M.

FMC has worked on three different offshore loading concepts:

  • LNG plant on a gravity base structure that is supported on the seabed and utilizing Chiksan® LNG Marine Loading Arms
  • Ship-to-ship loading with one vessel alongside the other, using Chiksan® LNG Marine Loading Arms
  • Tandem loading using the FMC Boom-to-tanker loading system

In all cases, all metal loading systems using Chiksan® constant-motion LNG swivel joints have been considered to obtain the six degrees of freedom required.


  • Enhanced overall safety with FMC Emergency Release Systems and advanced electric/hydraulic systems
  • Chiksan® LNG Marine Loading Arms are designed to eliminate the need for tending once connected to the LNG carrier manifold. The arms are placed in "free-wheeling" mode to follow the vessel's movements and self-retract once disconnected in an emergency.
  • Ability to connect and disconnect safely under adverse conditions or in an emergency such as excessive drift of the carrier, fire on board or other eventuality, and this with minimal product spillage.
  • Custom-designed product lines can withstand a high range of pressure and will not rupture.

The extensive field experience FMC has gained since 1963 and the continuous R&D investment made in LNG offloading systems means that Offshore Loading Systems provide a reliable, safe and dependable alternative to onshore systems.