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Aluminium Swivel Joint

The FMC aluminium swivel joint is designed to ensure the versatility and sealability of the Chiksan® loading arm. It is recommended for the transfer of petroleum products and lube oils.
In common with the other types of swivel joint offered by FMC Loading Systems, the aluminium swivel joint is the result of intensive research and long experience ensuring the best swivel joint available for your particular application.

The FMC aluminium swivel joint acts as the heart of a loading arm. It provides relative rotation movement while ensuring complete internal and external watertightness and guarantees excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

Among the many advantages of the aluminium swivel joint is the exclusive field-replaceable snap-in ball race feature. These work hardened ball races present a major breakthrough in swivel joint technology. The races provide extra strength and a high load-bearing capacity that considerably extends the life of the joint. Once the ball races are worn, they can simply be replaced in the field without dismantling or cutting out the whole joint.


  • Suitable for all petroleum products and lube oil
  • All styles available in diameters 3" and 4"
  • Working temperature from -29°C to +100°C
  • Working pressure from -0.3 bar to +10 bar
  • 2-piece design
  • Exclusive field-replaceable snap-in ball races
  • Elastomer packing: FKM (Viton), other packings available on request
  • Environmental seal protects the snap-in ball races from any outside penetration such as rain or dust
  • Flanged end connections in aluminium ASTM
  • Factory-assembled, prelubricated and tested swivel joint


  • Superior reliable sealability
  • Long life
  • Low cost minimal maintenance