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Chiksan® truck and railcar loading arms technology is made of articulated rigid piping and Chiksan® swivel joints for articulations. The Chiksan® loading arm safely handles hazardous liquids such as petroleum refined products and liquefied gases down to -196 °C, to load or unload trucks or railcars.

Truck Loading Arms and Skids

Bottom loading arms for truck loading

The Chiksan® Torsion Balanced Loading Arm (TL) is an articulated piping assembly equipped with a fully integrated internal spring loading device. The arm is a self-supported and offers minimum occupancy volume to facilitate its installation.

Loading/unloading arms for liquefied petroleum gas

Using Chiksan® Series 2000 swivel joints and composite springs for the balancing system, the FMC Technologies arms is reliable to transfer liquefied petroleum products to trucks or railcars. The arms can be used for bottom loading, top loading and side and rear connections with liquid and vapor phases.

Cryogenic loading arms for truck and railcar loading/unloading

The cryogenic loading / unloading arms are equipped with stainless steel Chiksan® cryogenic swivel joints. FMC Technologies arms are self-balanced thanks to the patented Composite Spring, which enables an easy maneuverability of the arms without the need to support the equipment.

Skid mounted loading/unloading arms and metering systems for petroleum liquefied gas and cryogenic products

FMC Technologies supplies integrated LNG packages and loading skids to perform the loading operation with local controls linked to a centralized loading management system.

The loading skid is equipped with:
• Articulated loading arms
• Mass meter
• Preset and automatic control system
• Flow control valves
• Local instrumentation
• Grounding devices

Pigging Equipment

  • Piggable loading arms for trucks, railcars and ships
  • Cleaning pigs
  • Three-way piggable distribution valve
  • Launching and receiving pig stations
  • Piggable multi-connection manifold made of jumper assemblies or matrix of spoolpieces
  • Piggable in-line distribution valve

Floating Roof Draining Line

With Chiksan® swivel joint technology, FMC Technologies has developed rigid articulated piping assembly to be installed inside storage tanks equipped with floating roofs for top draining purposes. The system is designed to follow the up and down motions of the roof without overloading the connections and avoiding clashes with the roof feet.