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The loading systems made of articulated piping can be equipped with accessories to facilitate the operation, to improve the performance and to safe the installation in case of emergency.
The basic loading system is manually operated therefore one first equipment of loading systems is the control system with electric and hydraulic installation to maneuver and control it.  This is mandatory on the majority of the loading systems.
The other primary equipment which could be implemented on loading systems are the coupler (Quikcon or QCDC) to facilitate the connection to the manifold, the Emergency Release System (ERS) for emergency release of the loading system from the connection, the Position Monitoring System ( PMS or CPMS) to control the position of the loading system and potentially to initiate the emergency sequences,  and the Targeting System (TS) to assist the connection for application where relative motions between units to be connected are too large.

There are other equipment which can be added to the loading system such as access ladders and platforms, supporting jack, draining line, nitrogen injection line, piggy back line, vacuum breaker, draining points, thermal insulation, heating tracing with different mediums or electric, fire protection etc..

Coupler  (Quikcon and QCDC)

The coupler can be manual type ( Quickcon)  made of fast screw clamp or can be hydraulically operated using hydraulic motors on clamping devices (QCDC), both are FMC Technologies design.
Some couplers can connect different sizes of flange lower and above its nominal diameter to accommodate different range of ships without need to the last to install adapted spool piece on their manifolds.
Type of gasket and /or seals for tightness of the connection is selected in function of the application, and additional mechanical protection is added on sensible type as applied on LNG QCDC.

Emergency Release System (ERS)

The ERS which is mandatory on sensible product transfer is available for loading systems in on shore, offshore and even land base applications.
The system is composed of double closing valves with between the emergency release coupling (ERC) which can be differently operated either by mechanical device or hydraulically. FMC Technologies has developed its own design using disc or ball valves and using double hydraulic actuators, one for valves operation and another one for the ERC, or a single actuator with two chambers offering a direct mechanical interlock between valves closing and ERC opening. The last version is preconized for sensible product like LNG.

Position Monitoring System  (PMS-CPMS)

The loading system position can be monitored thanks to acquisition sensors installed on the equipment and Programmable Logic Controller. With FMC specifically developed program the positioning information can be displayed on monitor in control room, and other operational information from equipment control system can be recorded in a data base support. This equipment is very efficient for remote control of the installation.
The CPMS, an upgraded PMS version with safety level certification, can be used for the initiation of the emergency sequences in place of the conventional limit switches. This offers the advantage of better operating envelope volume control in angle and Cartesian dimensions.

Targeting System (TS)

For the connection of the loading systems under large relative motions between the units to link, the targeting system is required to assist the maneuvers of the equipment. It consists in guiding cable to drive the extremity of the equipment to be connected to the moving connection, with final mechanical centering to achieve QCDC clamping.