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Sewer Cleaning

FMC Technologies continues to supply unsurpassed value by providing proven technology, service and responsiveness to the sewer cleaning industry. FMC Technologies’ culture of being responsive and reacting to the needs of this market is directly related to providing multiple pumping solutions to the OEM’s of the sewer cleaning industry.

FMC Technologies leads the market with our vertical green manufacturing and our environmentally friendly pump product. The custom design piston pump products operate at lower rpm’s while incorporating state-of-the-art materials and wear components. The pumps are designed to pump the most abrasive fluids within the industry, such as gray water and recycled sewer and storm waters. The FMC Technologies sewer cleaning pumps continue the tradition of lowering component life cycle cost and total cost of ownership by incorporating longer lasting, increased wear characteristics and run dry capabilities.

Please contact your FMC sales representative for further information. 


Applications include

  • Sewer jetting
  • Hydro evacuation


 Model   Max   Max   Max   Max   Pump   Piston
   PSI  GPM  BHP  RPM  Type  
A04  1,300  5.0  4.2  500  Vertical Duplex  x
I04  1,300  5.0  4.2  500  Horizontal Duplex  x
E04  1,500  15  15  700  Vertical Quadruplex  x
L06  2,000  40  52  855  Triplex  x
L11  3,000  65  89  1,650  Triplex  x
L16  3,000  114  165  1,750  Triplex  x
M06  4,000  18  47  750  Triplex  x
M08  4,000  30  58  650  Triplex  x
M12  3,400  96  125  500  Triplex  x
M16  4,500  156  228  425  Triplex  x
M18  3,500  165  241  400  Triplex  x
Q16  3,500  260  379  425  Quintuplex  x
Q18  3,250  275  404  400  Quintuplex  x


Sewer Cleaning Brochure

(PDF, 1.8 mb)