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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis

The high mechanical efficiency of FMC Technologies' pumps makes them the ideal choice for reverse osmosis (RO) systems. With efficiencies as high as 93 percent the FMC RO pump has the lowest operational costs of any type pump available today. The world leader with a proven track record in both commercial and military RO pump technology, FMC Technologies delivers triplex and quintuplex pump solutions for smooth, reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements. FMC Technologies provides aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel construction for most RO services, and we provide duplex stainless or exotic materials such as hastelloy are available for critical, high salinity or acidic requirements.

The patented FMC Technologies axial piston is the solution for critical RO services where minimal equipment weight and size are required. This pump features a unique composite material construction, oil free drive end and produces minimal pulsations.

Applications Include

  • Commercial water treatment and desalination
  • Military water systems

 Model   Max   Max   Max   Max   Pump   Piston
   PSI  GPM  BHP  RPM  Type  
A04  1,300  5.0  4.2  500  Vertical Duplex  x
I04  1,300  5.0  4.2  500  Horizontal Duplex  x
E04  1,500  15  15  700  Vertical Quadruplex  x
L06  2,000  40  52  855  Triplex  x
L11  3,000  65  89  1,650  Triplex  x
L16  3,000  92  126  1,750  Triplex  x
M06  4,000  18  47  750  Triplex  x
M08  4,000  30  58  650  Triplex  x
M16  4,500  156  228  425  Triplex  x
M18  3,500  165  241  400  Triplex  x
Q16  3,500  260  379  425  Quintuplex  x
Q18  3,250  275  404  400  Quintuplex  x



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