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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

FMC Technologies was challenged in the early 1990’s by the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry to provide a product that would maximize the pump's economic value by helping increase drilling efficiency by lowering operating downtime. FMC Technologies' pump team accepted the challenge and went to work to develop a business solution to meet the HDD market needs. The result of their efforts was a broad piston and plunger pump offering that provides a business solution to the HDD market.

FMC Technologies' HDD piston and plunger product line is capable of pumping abrasive fluids at pressures up to 2,500 psi with flow rates up to 905 gpm. The line has been developed to meet the high flow needs of the stand alone equipment as well as the smaller footprint requirements of the mobile equipment side of the market. The product line uses state of the art component technology that allows for longer periods of time between services, lowering the pump's life cycle cost per operation. The highly efficient fluid chambers give the piston line of products enhanced priming characteristics, along with front access for easy maintenance and shorter service cycles.

It’s the commitment to listening to its customers' requirements and concerns that has enabled FMC Technologies to provide a custom product manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards. Overall, FMC Technologies' HDD business solution offers unsurpassed value to the Horizontal Directional Drilling marketplace by providing a concept of engineered, manufacturing, operations and value added solutions. Please contact your FMC Technologies sales representative for further information.

Please click on the Pump Model below for additional information.

 Model   Max   Max   Max   Max   Pump   Piston
   PSI  GPM  BHP  RPM  Type  
A04  1,300  9.0  5  500  Verticle Duplex  x
I04  1,300  9.0  5  500  Horizontal Duplex  x
E04  1,500  25  16  700  Verticle Quadruplex  x
L06  2,000  47  45  600  Triplex  x
L09  2,200  70  60  600  Triplex  x
L11  2,220  75


 1,275  Triplex  x
L16  2,200  137  126  1,750  Triplex  x
M12  2,000  138  128  500  Triplex  x
M13  1,960   203    131   500   Triplex   x
M14  2,000  257  157  450  Triplex  x
M16  2,000  351  182  425  Triplex  x
M18  2,400  372  211  400  Triplex  x
Q16  2,100  585  305  425  Quintuplex  x
Q18  2,500  620  405  400  Quintuplex  x
M28  2,490  905


 300  Triplex  x


HD Series Pump Ratings

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