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Additional History

Additional History

The FMC pump product line has a long history of providing quality pumping products to all reciprocating pump markets. As time has progressed, the brand of the FMC pump product line has progressed as well.

Originally the FMC pump product line was limited to only piston pumps and were known as “John Bean Piston Pumps”, rightfully named after the original inventor and company entrepreneur.

One of the FMC divisions that provided a line of agricultural spraying equipment was known as “John Bean Sprayers”. After “John Bean Sprayers” was spun off as a separate company, the FMC pump product line became known simply as “BEAN Pumps” to give some market separation between the two different companies.

The "Bean Pump" product line was known at different stages of it's existence as the "Royal BEAN Pump", "Royal Pump", and "Royalette Pump".

After a rebranding initiative upon developing a line of high pressure plunger pumps, the FMC piston pump product line became known as “FMC BEAN Piston Pumps” and the plunger pump product line became known as “FMC Plunger Pumps”.


FMC manufactures positive displacement reciprocating piston and plunger pumps. In most cases, people simply refer to them as reciprocating pumps, recip pumps, piston pumps or plunger pumps. Positive displacement pumps are also called PD pumps.