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Weco Hammerless Unions

The Safer Alternative

 The Weco Hammerless Union eliminates the use of sledge hammers in making up high pressure temporary flowline connections in the field.

Safety Hazards Avoided with the Hammerless Union

  • Bodily injuries from missing hammer strikes
  • Flying debris caused by hammer blows
  • Injuries from hammer slipping out of worker’s hands
  • Danger due to deformed and sharp wing union lugs

 This product is offered as an alternative to the wing union. By replacing the existing wing nut with a hammerless nut you can avoid potential hazards. No other changes to the existing iron are required.

 Two Guided Hammer "tools" available for assembly: a long and short depending on work space constraints. A spanner wrench is available as an option to speed up the rig up/down process.

 A patent application has been submitted for the hammerless union, "tool" and the combination. This union and "tool" are the result of collaborative user-manufacturer prototype trials in controlled shop environments and field tests over a two year period. A study and final report from a licensed orthopedic physician confirmed that the risk of injury was significantly reduced with proper use of the union and "tool". 


  • Focus on improved safety by eliminating the use of sledge hammer
  • No major change in price
  • Fits on existing storage rack reducing cost of field conversion
  • Interchangeable with existing equipment
  • No major impact to field make-up time
  • No air or hydraulic lines required
  • Controlled strike impacts the sweet spot every time
  • Improves strength over standard union
  • Lasts five times longer than standard union

 Offered in 2 and 3 inch at 15,000 psi CWP.

To determine which hammerless union meets your technical specifications and applications, contact your regional sales and service center or the Stephenville manufacturing facility.

 Hammerless Union Drawings


              Spanner Wrench Connected                         Long Tool Connected 
              to Hammerless Union                                   to Hammerless Union