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Wing Union Overview

Weco Wing Unions

Weco® wing unions are available in figures 100 to 2202 and come in 1 to 16 inches sizes up to 20,000 psi CWP. We offer 13 figures, allowing applications for a variety of applications. Sour gas models available.

Weco® Wing Union Sour Service

Weco® original wing unions for sour gas are manufactured to the standards of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers MR-01-75 and the American Petroleum Institute RP-14E. The words "sour gas" are either stamped on the part with low stress dot stamps or forged into the part that identifies all products. All sour gas wing union assemblies are normally fitted with Flouroelastomer seal rings.

Weco® Wing Union Standard Service

FMC Technologies offers the most complete line of standard service wing unions in the world, ranging in size from one to 12 inches with working pressures to 20,000 psi. Unions are available with line pipe or tubing threads, butt-weld or nonpressure-thread seal end connections. Other Weco® unions available are tank unions, air-o-unions, blanking unions, insulating unions, misaligning unions and suction-hose unions.

Weco® 1505 Hammer Union

The Weco® 3" 1505 Hammer Union allows pressure pumpers to address the demands of unconventional plays. This new union addresses fatigue cracking, extends life significantly in critical applications, and is entirely inter-connectable with current FMC Technologies Weco® 3" 1502 iron.

The Weco® 3" 1505 Hammer Union is an option when experiencing fatigue cracking in Weco® 3" 1502 applications. The Weco® 3" 1505 design proof tested to outlast current hammer union technology at least 15 times longer in critical fatigue applications.

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