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Plug Valves

Weco ULT plug valves are quarter-turn valves designed for a wide range of drilling, production and pressure pumping applications. Our plug valves provide proven reliability, responsive service and improve bottom line performance.

Bottom Line Performance

Having to shut down the entire frac site can cause long downtime, and increased cost. During hydraulic fracturing there are times when you must isolate certain parts of your hydraulic fracturing equipment for repair or replacement, to prevent from having a full shut down.

Solution: The Weco ULT Plug Valve eliminates the need for a full shut down when certain parts of your hydraulic fracturing equipment need to be isolated for repair or replacement.

Proven Reliability

Many plug valves on the market require continuous adjustment for optimal performance. This can lead to downtime, loss of production and equipment failures.

Solution: The Weco ULT Plug Valve is designed specifically for the harsh environment associated with hydraulic fracturing. No adjustments are needed once installed.

Responsive Service

With the increased harsh environments on current frac jobs plug valves have the tendency to not seal properly causing leaks, and leading to unexpected downtime. Pressure pumpers are constantly looking for improved products for their hydraulic fracturing jobs.

Solution: The Weco ULT Plug Valve was solutions engineered specifically to meet the demands of changing fracturing environment. It will also meet the needs of the constant changes in pressure, temperature and fracturing fluids.


The Weco ULT Plug Valve is offered in pressures up to 20,000 psi CWP and range in size from 1 to 4 inches. They are available in a variety of end connections. Sour gas models available.

To determine which plug valve meets your technical specifications and applications, contact your regional sales and service center or the Stephenville manufacturing facility.