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butterfly valves

Weco butterfly valves have been providing proven reliability and improving bottom line performance in pressure pumping, oilfield industry and industrial applications for over 50 years.

Proven Reliability

Customers are pushing the boundaries where butterfly valves are used. These applications may require customized solutions including: temperature range, type and concentration of fluid and various flow conditions.

Solution: Butterfly valves can be customized based on body styles, actuation, disc, seats and stems depending on your application. Materials of construction meet ASTM and AISI standards.

Bottom Line Performance

Customers focused on their bottom line, value the total life cycle cost of their butterfly valves, demanding field repair or OEM repair to extend the life of the valve.

Solution: If the customer chooses field repair there are no in-line screws, pins, or bolts. No special tools are needed. Iron recertification and repair is available through any of our Integrated Services locations.


Weco butterfly valves are available in 2 through 24 inch sizes at standard working pressures up to 175 psi CWP. Pressure rating up to 285 psi CWP available. 

To determine which actuator and technical specifications will meet your application, contact your regional sales and service center or the Stephenville manufacturing facility.



Butterfly Valve Maintenance Procedures

(PDF, 830 kb)