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Choke Throttle Valve

1 inch Choke

In high-pressure pumping applications throttling is often required to control hydraulic fracturing fluids. Through collaboration with our customers FMC Technologies delivers real world innovation through a Choke Throttle Valve.  

Real World Innovation

Pressure pumpers are faced with many situations where high velocity and erosive fluid needs to be throttled through a partially open plug valve. Neither plug valves nor standard chokes used to bleed frac lines or control cement flow have met customer's durability expectations.

Solution: The Choke Throttle Valve combines the best attributes of a ported cage choke and a plug valve. Pressure pumpers are now capable of throttling high velocity erosive fluids without degrading the positive shutoff performance of the valve.


The Weco Choke Throttle Valve is available in 1 inch at 15,000 psi CWP.

For more information on technical specifications and applications, contact your regional sales and service center or the Stephenville manufacturing facility.