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Articulating Frac Arm Manifold Trailer

Articulating Frac Arm Manifold Trailer

Rigging up using a conventional manifold trailer requires the operators to assemble flowline iron between it and the pump truck. Various arrangements are constructed behind each truck to allow the degrees of freedom necessary to keep piping from binding as the flowline pulsates. Choosing correct pup lengths, swivel configurations, carrying iron, and hammering the assembly all together increases rig-up time significantly.

The AFAM assembly has the necessary swivel joints and piping required to connect the manifold to the pump discharge in any configuration within a 12 ft. span. Only one connection is rigged up (or rigged down) for each pumping unit, whereas the conventional method requires 5 to 6 connections.

The articulating frac arm does not touch the ground extending directly to the pump truck, allowing one man the ability to make one connection. Designed into the arm are the necessary degrees of freedom eliminating fatigue loading due to binding. This coupled with the removal of clutter on the ground, results in a reduction of exposure hours and can significantly improve safety at the wellsite for your personnel and your customers.

The AFAM is offered in pressures up to 15,000 psi CWP and is available in 10 or 12 arm configurations.