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Floating Ball Valves

Floating Ball Valve

FMC Technologies compact floating ball valves provide proven reliability and improve bottom line performance where space and weight are critical for your offshore high pressure needs.

Proven Reliability

Oil & Gas companies demand reliable performance. Most locations do not have service personnel immediately available to service these valves. All compact valves once installed are expected to last for many years.

Solution: Our floating ball valves are cycle tested during development to ensure (many years of dependable performance) product longevity.

Bottom Line Performance

All compact valves are expected to provide dependable performance for many years. Oil & Gas companies constantly request extra safety features that are difficult to achieve with the current market offering.

Solution: A 1/4 inch gap between the flange face and the body allows improved corrosion protection, eliminating the need for corrosion gaskets. Our floating ball valves incorporate industry leading safety features including: blow out proof stem and seat retainer.