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Double Ball Valves

Double ball valve

Key Features and Benefits
(ASME 1500, ASME 2500, API 10k) (1" through 12")

  • Threaded retainers have valve fully pressure containing with or without installed end connections
  • Integral bleed port allowing verification of valve sealing with line pressurized
  • Single piece body houses two valves. Creates two physical barriers between pressure and downstream work.
  • True double block and bleed safety. Two valves in one solid body allow two physical barriers to pressure when working downstream of the closed valve.
  • Retainers are threaded to the body using Stub Acme threads for durability and strength. This feature makes the valve fully pressure containing with either end connection removed. Retainers are Xylan coated for corrosion protection and ease of maintenance.
  • Center bleed port between the valves allows testing of either valve’s performance prior to conducting maintenance work downstream of the valve.