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From simple on-site greasing programs to complete asset management, FMC Technologies’ Fluid Control Services provides value through services, technology and applied competencies, while safely adhering to established standards. This total-solutions approach to managing fluid control equipment is now enabling flowline customers worldwide to achieve the maximum value and service life from their fluid control assets.

Service Centers

FMC Technologies offers rebuild, iron recertification and inspection services locations worldwide. Each service center offers regular maintenance, inspection and recertification to help extend product life, reduce operator costs and ensure the safety of the equipment. From new commissioning to total iron management utilizing program iron, the inspection services can be tailored to help minimize customer downtime and maximize equipment utilization.

Contact us to find a service center in your area.

InteServ Database

Through the InteServ database, FMC Technologies provides critical asset information analysis to customers in real time via secure internet access. InteServ offers planning and tracking tools to help monitor inspection due dates, track the location of treating iron, produce treating iron certification and rejection reports, produce test charts, analyze ultrasonic test history and more.

Mobile Units

Introduced in 1996, FMC Technologies’ mobile iron recertification, inspection and repair service reaches customer locations throughout the entire world. The mobile unit package provides inspection, testing, an enclosed pressure-testing cell, repair, documentation and iron certification directly at the customer’s project location. With customized service at the project location, customers see an increase in product life and a reduction in overall operating costs.

Asset Management

FMC Technologies provides asset management, a cooperative program where specially trained personnel inventory, track, and maintain customers’ flowline assets at their facility or in a designated FMC Technologies facility.

Greasing Services

Flexible onsite mobile greasing programs are provided through Integrated Services in order to fit any customer’s needs and schedule.

Spare Parts

To quickly repair an asset, FMC Technologies’ service centers and mobile units stock a full range of spare parts. Plus, FMC Technologies only uses factory OEM parts when repairing an asset, regardless of the original manufacturer.