FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System
FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System
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FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System

FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System

The FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System (CBS) is FMC Technologies' TAS Host solution.

It ties together multiple distribution terminals into a single, seamless, enterprise-wide resource.

Whether your terminals use the FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System (FMC Technologies' TAS solution), competing terminal automation systems, or no automation, FUEL-FACS+ CBS makes them all work together.

FUEL-FACS+ CBS enables you to manage dozens or hundreds of terminals from a single global location or multiple regional locations with ...

  • Real-time visibility and control of the enterprise
  • Cost-effective data exchange between the back office and all enterprise constituents
  • Real-time acquisition, storage, and distribution of information to/from pipelines, terminals, tank farms, data services, outside supply points, and more
  • Real-time reporting of product movements and inventories for management, operations personnel, exchange partners, and customers

Here are just some of the features that the FUEL-FACS+ CBS uses to streamline your distribution enterprise:

  • Bi-directionally interfaces with all enterprise constituents
  • Bi-directionally translates data so your hosts, terminal automation systems, and outside supply points don’t have to
  • Centrally manages master data profiles for the whole enterprise
  • Centrally manages all product movements
  • Intelligently routes data among terminals in real time based on user-defined rules
  • Recovers failed inbound transactions
  • Tightly controls product access at all terminals
  • Ensures accuracy of product availability with 360° inventory control
  • Provides tools to balance each terminal
  • Coordinates local timestamps across all time zones
  • Controls access using multiple security measures
  • Clean, clear user interface and flexible reporting tools
  • Scalable architecture protects your investment

The world-class functionality of FUEL-FACS+ is matched by a world-class project methodology and all the expertise and resources necessary to design, develop, install, and support each system.